Do you have this big dream of getting out of your soul sucking 9-5 job and starting your own business that allows you to travel the world and to live on your own schedule?

Are you afraid that in one year from now you’re still in your soul-sucking and unfulfilling corporate job?

Don’t worry girl, I know how it feels to be afraid of a future in corporate world. A world that is all grey, boring and depressing and a future in which you are old, unhappy and still working for somebody else who had the guts to start his own business (your boss).

Sunday evenings are the worst, right? Because your stomach starts turning around like crazy when you think about your next week in boring 9-5 job. You start to sweat and you feel under pressure because you know that you have to start working on your future right now. But you are lost and overwhelmed and you just don’t know what kind of business you really want and where and when to start!

Maybe you have tried already to set up your own business but you didn’t find the time to really stay on track and you didn’t have enough clarity of what you really want. I can imagine that you are very busy and your day is filled with boring meetings, horrible reports, telephone calls and and and. Ups oh and there is your boyfriend. You almost forgot about him!

You know that you have to get out of this ASAP because you feel worse and worse every single day but you are lost, confused and you have no f** idea where to start.

I am sure that people tell you that you are crazy when you talk about your deep desire to start your own passion business.  But deep inside you know that you are meant to be a hot and money making business chick! You are meant to travel the world! You are meant to have more fun in life! You are meant to be happy and successful. BUT your limiting beliefs are holding you back. And always when you start dreaming about you sitting on the beach and making money by doing what you love, your brain starts playing small and suddenly you feel frustrated and overwhelmed again.

You know, when I was still in my 9-5 job I felt like in a tiny box and I hardly could breathe. I hated it to ask my boss for permission and I hated the feeling that somebody else told me how to do my job, when to go work and when to go on vacation.

Since I was a little girl I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I wanted to have my own business but somehow I ended up in a 9-5 job. And guess what? It turned out that corporate world loved me.

  • Only after 3 months in my first job I went from Inside Sales to International Area Manager of Latin America. I remember that my boss called me on Saturday evening to tell me that I was going to Mexico all on my own on MONDAY! Wohooo I was over the moon and on Monday I was sitting in a plane to Mexico City for attending an international sales meeting. Did I mention that I was 25 years old at that time?
  • In the next 5 years I worked for very well-known international companies and I was responsible for clients and distributors all over the world.
  • I travelled the world from Chile to Indonesia and had meetings with CEOs of multi-million dollar companies.
  • I created international sales strategies and I signed international distribution contracts that were worth millions.
  • I was responsible for over 10 million Euros at that time and all that with an age below 30!
  • It turned out that I had a big talent for creating international businesses and to achieve my goals in a very short time.
  • Besides that I understand different markets very fast and I understand immediately what different markets need, how to act on the market and how to make clients buy the product.
  • Because I always wanted to help other people I decided to go for coaching when I was 27 and besides my busy job I finished my coaching degree and started my first coaching business.
  • My clients loved me and I loved it to work with clients from Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Dubai, Israel, Norway, UK, etc. Did I mention that I speak German, English, Spanish, French and some Chinese. You see I am a 100 % international.

This may sounds like a freaking awesome life, right? But to me it wasn’t. At the end I was working for somebody else and I created this awesome success stories for somebody else.

Every day I came home from work I felt  sad! I asked myself is this it? And I decided that the answer is NO. I decided to break out from 9-5 prison and to create my own freedom business that makes a difference in this world.

I decided to use my knowledge and talent for creating businesses, ideas and strategies to help awesome women like you to do the same!

And that’s how my life looks now:

  • I am running my own business.
  • I love what I do and I am making good money with it.
  • I live on my own schedule and nobody tells me what to do (except of my little baby girl).
  • I moved from Austria to Colombia. It was always a big dream to move to another country.
  • I have the cutest baby girl in the world and I have the time now to go with her to play outside just because the weather is nice.
  • I have a husband I love. Well I had him before becoming an entrepreneur but now our relationship is more fun because I enjoy my life more now.
  • I am able to go into a very expensive shop and buy the most freaking leather jacket I want.
  • I am able to book a flight to Austria whenever I want to visit my family there.
  • And I AM HAPPY!

And you can have that too if you are willing to make it happen. So here is what you get.

  • I’ll help you to make your dream come true and start a business that is fun and makes you feel FREE.
  • You’ll start a business that is a 100 % within your greatest passion and your biggest strengths. That is what will lead to your success!
  • You’ll discover what kind of lifestyle you really want and we find out what kind of business fits perfectly to your lifestyle.
  • I’ll show you how to make money by doing what you love.
  • Did I mention that I am the Kick Ass Queen? I am the one who makes you reaching your goal fast (very fast actually). So book your ticket to Hawaii now J
  • I am an expert of creating companies that are fun. Because that’s what you want right? Enough of boring and unfulfilling stuff. Let’s have more fun by doing what you love.
  • I’am an expert in idea creation! So if you have no idea which business to start, I am your GIRL J
  • Imagine that you are sitting in Bali running your business from the beach. The sun is shining and you have this great view to the sea. Imagine this feeling of freedom and just imagine yourself with this big smile on your face because you just love what you do.
  • Don’t wait too long! Because the moment to change your life is NOW. Your life is to worthy to spend hours and hours in a job you hate.

Working with me you will get access to my proved and awesome Freedom Business Creation approach.  It’s a tested step by step approach and from Day 1 I will guide you step by step from finding your ideal and perfect business idea to finally quit your corporate job.

Don’t worry I will not ask you to quit our job right now. I want you to quit your job with your fist paying client in your pocket. I’ll make sure you don’t have to give up your living standard. Moving into a one room apartment and only eating grilled cheese sandwiches is not a solution!

And as I am the “Kick Ass Queen” you will reach your goal very fast and in a very efficient way. And we will have fun together. That’s a promise.

Do you know the 2 most common excuses why people stay in their shitty 9-5 jobs? No Time – No Money! Don’t let those excuses rule your life. You will never have enough time and you never have enough money. The time to change your life is NOW.

So let’s get started and let’s rock this thing. Send me a message if there is anything more you need to know. stefanie(at)

Make this moment and life yours,


Signature Stefanie


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