Usually things are very difficult but only until you know how to do them, right? That’s the same when you want to start a business. When I started buidling up my online business, a completely new world opened its doors to me. The online world welcomed me! Before my business, I knew Facebook, Google and Twitter. That was it! However I realized that there are many great resources out there that make life so easy. And the best thing is that they are all free. Plus, they will all help you to set up your business in a very professional way.

So, here you go with the ressources I use. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions.

  • WordPress:
    Don’t make the mistake to hire an expensive webdesigner. If you are just starting out with your business and you do not have thousands of dollards to spend on a webdesigner, check out It is so easy to make your own website. There are many great themes out there which are totally for FREE. Check it out, baby and thinke twice before spending a single dollar for a web designer.
  • Bluehost:
    There are many providers out there when it comes to hosting your website. I use bluehost. Works great for me and price is okay. This is something you do not get completely for free however prices are quite affordable.
  • YouTube:
    Questions or  advice on how to do something?  I am sure you will find a youtube video for it. You can find a video for anything. I used many youtube videos working with wordpress for the first time. Very often I did not know something and I always found a youtube video for it.
  • Canva:
    Oh my god!  This is so great and it its FREE! You can make very professional designs with canva and it is so easy. I did all designs on my website with it.
  • Mailchimp:
    When I started my business I had no clue about mailchimp, aweber, etc. However I learned that building your e-mail list is essential for your business. I use mailchimp and again it’s free.
  • Google Calendar:
    The biggest advantage of google calendar is that you can access it from anywhere and you can share it with anybody. That is why I love the Google Calendar.
  • Skype:
    In case you do not have a skype account yet. Go and get it. You will need it because you will meet many people from all over the world and skype is a free tool that lets you talk to nearly anyone.
  • Fiverr
    5 $ for a gig. This is also so good! Fiverr is a place where you get online services like writing, graphic designs, coaches, etc. for a very 5 $. I use it a lot because it because it offers a variety of services at a rate of only five dollars per service.
  • PicMonkey:
    You wanna edit pictures and make great design with it. Check out picmonkey.
  • Dropbox:
    Send heavy files and have access to your files wherever you are. So great tool and a must for every business starter.
  • Stupeflix:
    Make a simple video. Very cool tool for beginners and of course, it’s free. 

Great inspirational sites:

  • Gabrielle Bernstein:
    Great for your spiritual work. I just love her and she is such an inspiration.
    Great articles with cool “how to” articles.
  • Daily Worth
    A place for ambitious women who want more: money, success, and personal growth. A thoughtful, smart approach to personal finance and better …
  • Mike Michalowicz
    He is just a great guy with  important and honest advice for entrepreneurs. He really knows how things are going in business, he is also great fun.
  • Marie Forleo
    She is the reason why I am where I am. Check her out

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