Great to have you here. I work with awesome women like you...

…who are sick of their boring 9-5 jobs and life  and have this big dream to set up their own business.

Do you feel like in a box where you cannot get out and are you sick of doing a job you hate? You know you have to get out of this ASAP but you are lost, confused on how to really make the transition from bored employee to happy entrepreneur.

The only thing you know is that you have this big dream of being your own boss, travel the world and have a life that allows you to make your own rules.

Somehow you are a 100 % sure that you are meant to be an entrepreneur and that you can make a difference in this world by creating a business with purpose.

However, you are insecure about your real passion and your biggest strength. Don’t’ worry girl because you are at the right place here! I have more than 10 years of experience in creating businesses all over the world and I will help you to find a business that is a 100 % YOU!

A business that fits to your ideal lifestyle and that gives you the freedom and money to travel the world. I will be your buddy, friend, coach.

You are not alone in this process and I will make sure that your business will be profitable and that you can set it up with a low investment, low risk, and lot of fun.

In my program, you get 1-on-1 coachings with me in which I guide you and show you step-by-step how to set up your own business. In these sessions, you’ll get clarity and a detailed action plan so that you know what to do in order to get the result you want.

Who is my 1-on-1 coaching program for?

You wanna start your own business, but you lack clarity and a clear action plan on how to actually do it.

You want a business that allows you to live on you own schedule and to travel the world.

You have already started a business, but you’re struggling and sometimes you are not even sure what you are doing.

You want to start a business with purpose that reflects YOU and your biggest passion.

“Hey! My name is Stefanie, founder and creator of I am here to help you to get the life YOU want. A life in which you make your own rules. A life in which you run your own successful business. A business that is a 100 % you! Let me show you step-by-step how to get more clarity and how to get out of your boring 9-5 job.”

This is what you get in my private 90 Day Intensive and Private Coaching Program From Zero To Your First Paying Client in 90 Days

Braringnd Yourself and Your Business

Get clear about your passion and your business idea so that you can take the first steps to starting your own rocking business.



ankerYour Ideal Client who is happy to sign up with you

Discover who your ideal client is so that you can create marketing and business plans that attract your clients quickly and easily.




dollarYour rocking website that sells

Learn how to make a website and a sales brochure using the latest marketing tools and language. These are the top Must Know strategies for 2015 ( this one thing will save you more time and money than your entire investment in the course).




eYour e-mail list with your raving fans

Begin building your customer pipeline and your list of potential clients so you can go out them with your marketing campaigns.




kroneYour Premium Prices

Learn the latest strategies to price your self profitable.




starYour first paying clients

Create a sales system to reach out and sign your first paying clients.

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This is for you if…

  …you’e been dreaming of having your own successful business since you were a little girl. But somehow you ended up in a 9-5 job you hate. Somehow you lost track of your dreams. The security of a monthly paycheck pushed away your dream of running a business that allows you to have a life with more freedom. However a little voice in your head keeps on telling you that this cannot be it. A little voice keeps on telling you that you are allowed to be a happy business woman who has the power to change other peoples’ life. This little voice tells you that you should quit your job in order not to wake up at the age of 65 thinking about all the things that could have been possible.

…you want to start your business the smart way — without having to be broke or struggling financially to get by. You want to have fun working on your freedom business. Not knowing how to pay your bills is not fun at all and we both know it. It can be a very clever way to build your business next to your corporate job. But it has to happen quite fast and efficiently because you don’t want to stay in your job for yet another year or even longer. Hence you need great resources, effective tools, an excellent plan to start a successful laptop business and somebody who kicks your ass if necessary and who stands behind you and next to you when those limiting beliefs are coming to get you.

…you want finally live life on your own schedule, enjoying the freedom to get up whenever you want and to work from the city you’ve always dreamt about; Barcelona, New York, Buenos Aires — you name it. When I was in a corporate job I used to call my office “The Box”! A really small box that was limiting my actions and my beliefs. Sitting in this box I was dreaming about more freedom and fun in life having my own business. If you’re also sitting in a BOX let me scream to you… “GET OUT ASAP!!!!!”. I’ll be your guide and your little voice that makes you take the right steps at exactly the right moment.


This is not for you if…

  …you see yourself working for somebody else for the rest of your life and you want to take the risk that you are still in your boring job 10 years from now.

…you’re not willing to take the necessary actions to make your dream come true. You will not be successful by thinking and overthinking. Successful people are successful because they do things and they take action. Of course, there is always a little risk when deciding to go independent. But do you want to take the risk that your job kills your soul?

…you think that everything will magically fall into place over night (things WILL get better quickly as long as you’re willing to do the work). Starting a business is hard work…. NOPE! You may not believe it but if you actually love what you do — work does not feel like work anymore. Being stuck in  a job you hate and fulfilling your boss’ orders is actually real work. It’s up to you to decide what kind of ‘work’ you wanna do for the rest of your life.

…you believe that running a business is all rainbows and unicorns… there are ups and downs as well, but I’ll show you exactly how to handle both sides. I am a very realistic person and I will not waste your time with bullshitting you that running a business is only ups.


When you decide that you wanna join one of my programs I will equip you with all the tools, knowledge and strategies you need to successfully start your business. Even if you are still in a 9-5 job and you wanna start your business on the side. Together we’ll map out a step-by-step plan so that you know exactly what you need to do (and when) in order to start your own business. We’ll find out which lifestyle you REALLY want and how you can actually live it! We’ll discover your passions and talents and find the perfect way for you to monetize them — so that you can make money and do what you love.

YOU can choose the life you want. A life in which you make your own decisions and nobody else is telling you when to wake up, how to do your work, when you’re allowed to go on vacations and how to spend your entire day!

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